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Maximise your desk space and ergonomics with express monitor risers from Office Plus. Office Plus Furniture offers products with the best quality and functionality that will enhance productivity. No two work days are the same. Some days you will need to rotate your screen, so it’s visible to a coworker. Other days, it will be brighter or have more glare shining on your screen, which may require you to move it up or down – switch from a vertical orientation to a horizontal one. It’s an amazing tool for offices that can do all of the movements you need. Not only does this kind of setup give you plenty of options in terms of adjustability, but it’s healthier over time as well.Office Plus’s express monitor risers can improve your posture and lessen eye strain. Make sure to get your desk and monitor arm configured correctly so that your screen is just above eye level, requiring you to look up slightly to see it.Explore our range of express monitor risers through our online store to buy our products: