Vital Tips to Organising Office Desks in Melbourne

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Decluttering your working space or home office can be an intimidating task. The idea of a clean and clutter-free office is not just for aesthetics. It’s an important part of becoming more productive. The key to being productive and creative is a clean office. With all the clutter off your plate, you can focus on what matters most-your tasks!

Consider the following tips when organising and decluttering your office desks in Melbourne:

Sort and assess the items

Put the items you use frequently tagged as “to keep” in a pile. This will include items for your daily and weekly work such as pens, note pads and schedules. For important files and documents that you require but do not need to be at an arms-length away, tag that pile as “to archive”. Next, sort the items such as broken pens, unnecessary papers, cords, office supplies and discard them – the “to throw” pile. These items can often be messy and distracting.

Wipe and disinfect

Make sure to clean and disinfect all other two piles before putting them back on your desk.

Use dividers and shelves

Easily find the item you’re looking for using dividers, cabinets, and shelves. By doing this, you avoid messy piles of paper or books all over the desk! This will allow for more efficiency without rummaging through your desk, shelves, and drawers.


You can avoid misplacing things and keep your office desk cleaner by always putting items back in their respective places. Tidying up every day will help you get a lot done, plus there is no need to clean the following morning since it’s already neat.

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